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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The comment box is now fixed

I fixed the problem with people not being able to comment on here, so you're welcome. We can interact now. That's cool.
So like, it's been a while...
Let's start with thanksgiving.
It was seriously awesome. We went to Britney and Jason's new and beautiful house they built in Idaho Falls. We got into a car accident on the way there. Don't worry, I just can never walk again... JUST KIDDING. It was actually like one of those scenes in the movies where they are laughing in the car with not a care in the world, yet you see the danger ahead and you're yelling at the t.v. saying, "LOOK IN FRONT OF YOU PEOPLE!" Yeah but obviously nobody was snapping us out of our Hollywood moment. There was a semi in front of us, and we were about 2 car lengths away, and didn't see him drive right over a couch, (or in Brandon's description "a grey blob"), which popped it up hitting the left side of the car. It took out a part of the bumper, the fog light, and this big container thing which we managed to salvage and it's in our trunk. We don't know what it is, but it looks important. Now our car makes a funny sound. Maybe it's the important/not important container thing? Not sure. Hopefully it doesn't blow up any time soon. Anyways, we had turkey, fruit salad, mashed potatoes and gravy, homemade rolls, asparagus, and pumpkin/lemon meringue/banana cream pie. Now your mouth is watering and you're welcome. Black Friday happened the next day. Everybody got cool stuff like microwaves and cute sweaters, and I chopped my hair off. It was exhilarating, but B didn't talk to me for an hour. It's okay though. We still sleep in the same bed, and he's over it now.

Cozette was being super cute. So we had to take pictures.

But then she got kind of sick of it and said, "Okay stop now."

Sibel lost her two front teeth too! But she wouldn't sing "All I want for Christmas.."

And this is a thing.

We came home and did our thing. A few days before Christmas we got THE letter in the mail. The letter that would determine our future. In that flimsy little envelope, addressed to Brandon Earl from the University of North Dakota PA program, had written The next several years of our lives. 
Remember how confident we were? Remember how 100% positive that we had it in the bag? We went over to our friends house, sat on the couch as my friend Callie video recorded, we had Brandon's whole family on a conference call awaiting the news. He opened it, read it aloud, and our hearts sank into the floor as he read that he did not get accepted. He hung up, Callie stopped recording, we picked up panda express and a hardcore action movie, changed into comfy clothes, and cried a little. Here's the deal though you guys, this was the only school he applied to, (there weren't any others he could apply to right now without taking more classes), and he he got asked to interview and passed it. So, that's pretty dang solid for a first timer. Right now we are reevaluating a few things, and getting back on that horse and plan to ride it all the way into the sunset like a couple of majestic westerns. BRING IT 2014.
I had to.

Christmas was the bomb. We stayed here in town and spent it with my family. Tradition states that we do homemade Chinese food on the eve. Which is always my favorite part. We had chow mien, general tsou's, (I can't spell) chicken, tempura fried veggies, and then got crazy and made Mexican hot chocolate while we went and looked at Christmas lights. 'Merica. We also watched Mormon messages about the reason for the season as our Christmas lesson.
The next morning we literally rolled out of bed and went to my parents. Jack played Santa. Jack got a new Ipod, so we downloaded a bunch of songs onto a CD for him to put on. Along with directions on how to make a transforming ninja star out of construction paper. We got my dad a bunch of Cd's with old time radio mystery theatre stories with popcorn and hot chocolate packets. When we were kids we would make a bed in the back of the car and drive around with popcorn listening to them. Best memories ever. Then we would have nightmares. It's okay... We got my mom a new hand mixer that's off the food network. Apparently I forgot she already had one? But one can never have too many. Daughter points. Then I got B an xbox 360 slim bundle with 3 controllers and a million games and some other important things that make it more cool. He died and went to heaven. The guys played it for 4 hours straight. B got me new black boots, and a star wars lunch box which contained a letter saying that WE WERE GOING TO SEE WICKED THIS SPRING!!!! Yeah. Top that. Booyah.
Then we prepped dinner and went and watched the secret life of Walter Mitty, which I give a thumbs up to go watch. Super cute family movie. We had a late night dinner that looked really yummy but I couldn't eat because I came down with the flu. Stupid.... Honey ham, scalloped potatoes, and bacon wrapped green beans. You guys. I missed out. To sum it up. Christmas ruled. 
Our grown up Christmas tree

It snowed!

So work has been awesome for me. Still working like crazy! B is really enjoying working at mattress firm. They take good care of him and he gets awesome hours. Plus, have you met Brandon? He can sweet talk just about anyone into buying anything. He can work it. 
For new years we are chaperoning the youth new years eve dance, and going as a group with our Sunday school class. We are so pumped and excited! They are the best kids in the world, and super fun. 
Now I'm sitting here eating chips. Yo gym where you at? #newyearsresolutions