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Friday, August 29, 2014


Bet you thought I wasn't going to give you guys any pictures, huh? WRONG! Here you go:

Let me just emphasize how grateful I am for my job, my co workers, and the great doctor who owns the practice. For real, I genuinely look forward to going to work in the bright and early morning despite being an anti-morning person. My co workers have become some of my best friends, and I am very blessed. 
My office did the Dirty Dash. I didn't think I could compete due to there being obstacles, but then I found out you could go around them so... DANG! Next time. Anyhow, Miriam (another preggo assistant) and I stood on the sidelines and people watched. We saw this one guy dressed in a full body pig suit, and I'm pretty sure within 5 minutes of that run he was regretting it. Hahahahaha

Our friends decided to make us a cuddle buddy. His name is Parker. He was born at the beginning of July. He's the sweetest and such a little trooper! Congrats Bryce and Callie :) We love you

Baby Earl update:
We are 26 weeks along. I'm craving EVERYTHING. No seriously. I say it a lot mostly to justify the problem of how much I'm eating. It ranges from chocolate to broccoli. It's different every two seconds. I just have a never ending appetite. 
He's quite the mover and kicker. He is most active in the morning when I first wake up and get started with the day, while I am working on a patient and the Dr's drill is going (I think he can hear it or something and it wakes him up), and right before I go to sleep. 
The best thing about being pregnant is feeling him move, and watching Brandon become more "into" the whole thing as I get bigger. It's an incredible blessing to know we have the ability to create life and we know that blessing comes from our Father in Heaven. 
Lately I have been trying to catch him moving on video, but he stops moving every time I hit record! Rude... But this morning I FINALLY got him! 
Every time Brandon and I take pictures now Brandon will say to me, "K, make sure you stand to the side so we get a good angle of your belly." He's quite proud. 
I have fallen more in love with my husband through this experience. He's so caring and aware of my needs. He is always asking me what I need from him and what he can do to make me more comfortable. Even with the crazy schedule he has between working full time and going to school taking mentally draining classes, he manages to find time for me. He talks to his son like they are already BFF's, and rubs my belly like I'm going to grant him a wish. I'm anxious to see our son in his arms. This baby is one lucky kiddo to have a father like Brandon. 

We have had company in and out of town between going to family reunions and needing a place to crash. We love being the mid-point for travels. 
Here's B's sister Kelsey, Cozette, and Jon. Aren't they adorable?

We went on a very long road trip/vacation!  A much needed one for us to get to spend more than a couple hours together before bedtime. It was the bomb.

We went to Brandon's mom's side of the family reunion, (did I phrase that right?)
The MARBLE reunion.
In Fort Warden Washington. We stayed in a huge house. It was once a military base camp, and our house used to home military captains. It was gorgeous, and slightly creepy all at the same time. Mostly amazing at the thought of who lived there before, and the history that was there. 
Weather was fabulous. 70's. We played outdoor games, had a family history lesson by my dear MIL, played on the beach, went to a whale museum, ate delicious food, went to the farmers market in town, Brandon cooed our newest nephew Sagan to sleep, and B also got to spend some bromance time with his cousin Preston. Any time we would discuss the reunion he would say, "All I know is I'm going to be attached to Preston so..." They love each other. It's cute. 

After the reunion we went to spend time with my grandparents in Arlington and see my home town. Driving there we stopped in Anacortas and ate some yummy clam chowder in a bread bowl. We both agreed it was the best ever, but could have been exceptional with a sourdough bread bowl. Duh? Then we stopped at the purple doughnut house. If you are a doughnut lover, like my husband, this is where you wanna go. They are fresh, delicious, and melt in your mouth.
We walked on the bridge of deception pass, and got a little vertigo, went golfing on the golf course my grandparents live on, met up with my childhood BFF Adrianne and caught up; she got baby earl new Nike shoes and Dory from finding nemo, went shopping, got yummy ice cream at Snow Goose produce, walked around green lake in Seattle, and just had the best time. 
The coolest part about the trip is that we got to go see my old house. So it's for sale, right? So we got the idea that we should call and schedule a viewing acting as interested buyers. We totally did. When we got there I told them I grew up in the house, and they were so awed at the idea that as we walked around they asked me a million questions about what all had been renovated. 
It was surreal walking through my old house as memories flooded my mind. However, it was was a little tainted seeing someone else's stuff in my house. Thankfully, the renovations that were made totally made sense, and made the house more appealing. I doubt I'll ever go back to see the house after that, but I'm grateful I got to go back there and share those memories with my best friend. I even got to pick and eat a Japanese plum from ones of our fruit trees.
To add to this, my grandma and I were walking around green lake and she told me that she wanted to show me the house she had grown up in. So we drove there, and the current owner of the house was outside painted her stairs. My grandma told her she just wanted to show me her old house, and the woman happily invited us inside. Mind you, we were in Seattle. That doesn't happen. I suppose she didn't feel threatened by a pregnant girl and an older woman. Makes sense. I Face Timed my mom as we walked around the house. It was beautiful. My grandma lit up as she and my mom swapped stories between climbing out of second story windows, and my grandma's last memory of her mom in that house. Very tender.

Next stop...

The final leg of our road trip was in Moses Lake at B's parent's. 
We went boating with the kiddos, played in the pool, chatted, made yummy food, went on a date with our good friends Ty and Janessa, and got to take out his parent's landscaper Fransisco on a boat ride for his first time. He was so giddy and excited. He asked me to take pictures so he could send them to his wife and children in Mexico. 

Our summer was marvelous, and spent with the best of people. Thanks for making our summer awesome you guys!

Here's what's happening now:
-Back to work
-B has started school again. He is taking Micro and Stats. Ew? Pray for him..
-Getting all our unnecessary debts payed off
-Preparing to be parents