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Thursday, January 22, 2015

All good things

Well, Brandon and I have survived the first 6 weeks of parenthood in total bliss. I can also say that I have a new found appreciation for the phrase, "it takes a village to raise child."
For Christmas we took a road trip to Moses Lake to stay with B's family. Troy was born to travel. He slept the whole way, unless we woke him up to nurse. He didn't cry or fuss during any of it, and has never had any trouble being in his carseat.
Christmas vacation was soooooo enjoyable. We were able to just relax and figure out some what of a routine as far as sleep and naps. There was always someone willing and able to help watch Troy while one of us took some time to rest. Not to mention our bellies were always full of delicious food! We did go out a couple times to visit some friends of ours in town which was nice. I wish that we lived closer to B's family. Whenever we get together with them it's so hard to say goodbye. Eventually though that will change because someday SOON we will get to be closer :)
Troy had his baby blessing on January 5th. B did a marvelous job and totally spoke through the spirit. It was very heart warming to se how many people attended out of love for our little threesome. It was very well received and reciprocated.
Anyway moving on...
After the holidays and having so much help, it was a much easier transition coming home because we already kind of knew what we were doing. It wasn't such a shock to realize, "Okay, we are by ourselves now. There isn't someone here to wash our laundry or make us dinner.." It's been fun for me to be a stay at home mom these last several weeks. I get to play with Troy and not have to share him with any one, clean and organize things I've been procrastinating forever, and cook whatever the heck I want. It's silly to think those things are fun, but to me they honestly are. I do go back to work part time a couple days a week the beginning of February and though I am so anxious to see my co-workers and what not, those days will be hard to have to put the "stay-at-home" mom/wife thing on pause. It's all good though.
I'm realizing as I'm typing this that I'm not feeling super descriptive in the moment... so feel free to ask questions if things are too vague.
BIG NEWS HOWEVER! B was recognized at his company and was asked to join the circle of excellence and won a trip to L.A. to be a part of this convention and a round trip for his family to hawaii!! He goes to L.A. here in a few weeks for a couple days to sit in on seminars and meetings, then will get more information on hawaii in march. He's worked so hard for such recognition and I couldn't be more proud! Plus... HAWAII!!!!!! More on that when we get more info.
So Troy has become a fantastic eater like his parents. Every time he feeds he acts like he's never eaten anything in his entire life and gets very territorial with his food. I will try to help him latch on better, and he just grunts loudly at me and puts his hands over his mouth while looking at me as if to say, " I've got this woman just let me eat." Right now he's eating up to 4-6oz. Which seems like a lot to me, so hopefully I will produce enough in the future with how much his appetite seems to be growing. He's still every 2-3 hours during the day, then after we bathe him I feed him one more time at 9:30 and he's asleep by 10pm. Lately he's only been waking up twice in the night around 1:30-2AM, and again around 5-6AM. After that he's up for the morning at 7:30-8. It's not bad at all. He doesn't sleep at all before 1:30pm so he and I do our own thing in the morning. I've been looking up Zumba workout routine's on youtube and doing them in our living room. Troy usually just lays in on the ground and smiles or laughs at me. I don't blame him. I've got no rhythm despite my efforts.
My friend Callie took some pictures for our family the other day. They turned out super cute, and Troy was practicing successfully for his modeling career.... My next post I will make here in the next couple of days will be pictures we have taken over the last few weeks. They definitely will not be as talented as these, but ya know iphone users are photographers too...