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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Spaghetti Sauce

So many things. SO MANY THINGS. Let's go.

No that's not acne; we throw jello at each other when we argue. 

1. We have moved from our ghetto little apartment with a noisy and rude upstairs neighbor, creepy 1AM door knocks, and an unresponsive management. We now live in an upgraded, homey, pool equipped, condo right across the street from a beautiful park. We also upgraded from living on the lower level in our previous place to now living upstairs. Not hearing out rude neighbor (who we have nick-named "Nazi"), march around or have sleep overs is quite nice I might add. Just sayin'. We love having more space to maneuver and accommodate guests and parties. We have enjoyed having a pool available for our use whenever we want it especially with summer approaching! So yeah you guys should come check it out. Let's be friends.

Bye bye little apartment! We hate you, I mean, will miss you!

Because, summer.

2. Brandon is rocking it as a salesman at Mattress Firm. He's top dog right now in his area, and won 2nd place for their Memorial Day sale in the entire company. He's a pretty dang good sweet talker. With that 2nd place award he can also choose between receiving an Xbox1, flat screen TV, nikon camera, and a couple other options that didn't sound fun to me as an award. Cool, huh?

His job is rough. 

3. We got a new bed. It's fancy. It is also the perk of having your husband work at a mattress store. Anyway, it's a temporpedic breeze bed which basically means it's designed to keep you cool through out the night. It's also set up on an adjustable base so that when we are lazy, (always), we can just sit our heads up with our little remotes. Don't worry we plan on getting that free t.v. from his work to better compliment our bed. #whathavewedone #doesthisbedmakemelookfat #benandjerryswhereyouat

4. We went to ponderosa state park for Brandon's biology class he's taking over a weekend. We got to geek out over plants, animals, and fungi. Actually, I wasn't REALLY invited but they had room in the cabin and we don't really get to spend time together with our schedules sooo. I invited myself. It's cool. Anyways, the first day when we got there was mainly just spent unpacking and meeting peeps. Then the second day we went on a 5 hour hike split up into groups of two, (B and I were a group obviously), and had to take pictures of a topic he gave us. Ours was flowering plants. It was absolutely beautiful! The weather was perfect as well. Forecast weather, a little cooler, and rainy. So okay it wasn't great weather but I get hot easily lately so it was great weather for me. We played volleyball, saw beautiful scenery, got in touch with mother nature, ate yummy food, and played fun games.

Taking their group picture for their class.

We found ferngully on our hike! 

5. OH and I'm pregnant. Yeah it's pretty awesome. We announced to our family and friends by making a video of me making spaghetti with spaghetti sauce (PREGO spaghetti sauce). We sent it out on April fools day. Bad move? My first trimester was really hard. I was sick the whole time being nauseated, couldn't keep anything down, throwing up, blah blah blah. Luckily my OBGYN prescribed me zofran which has helped. I wasn't really able to exercise at all which bummed me out, (hahahhahha), mostly just because I was so sick.  There was a couple times at work that I had to rush out in the middle of a procedure with the doctor to get to the bathroom. But the good thing is my boss never questioned why I left because he could hear me go from 0-60mph as soon as I left the operatory. Now being in my second trimester it has certainly been easier. I'm able to eat things and they have been settling well. Sometimes there are certain foods that trigger me, and I know instantly that it won't settle. I'm  able to exercise now which is super awesome, (*not smiling*). I've got a little bump coming in. My belly is forming like a watermelon so I'm in the weird "is she fat or preggo" phase. Either way people don't question how much I eat in one sitting. he he

Here's the video of our announcement.

Baby at 12 weeks. 

Happy soon to be parents. Also, you can see my bump and one of the few times in the past 4 months I've had my hair done. 

Bump at 14ish weeks. 

6. We have a new nephew. His name is Sagan born to Britney and J Watson. He's adorable. He eats, poops, sleeps, and smiles. Ya know, baby stuff. But mostly let's people snuggle him. Brit is a hot momma. Our niece Cozette turned a year old last month. Crazy how time flies when you're having fun!

Baby Sagan

7. Brandon turned 30. The dirty 30. Thirty, flirty and fabulous. No matter how much he wants to pretend it's not a real thing, I'll remind him he's 30.  

That about wraps up my update. Stay tuned. We have a fun filled summer to brag about not to mention a gender reveal. We will take your guesses now.