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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Keeping Up With the Earl's

Ayyo. Remember that one time that I was going to post more pictures? And then didn't? Whoopsy.... Guess now is as good a time as any to post those pictures along with a sweet update, eh? First, Troy would like to give his own update>>

Dear mom's goodly blog followers,
Allow me to personally introduce my handsome self. My name is Troy. I'm a boy. I also don't rhyme. For that would be a crime. But for real though, I don't rhyme. Anyways, just wanted to let you all know of all the fun things I've learned in my short 9 weeks on becoming introduced to this thing we called life. 
I've learned that when it gets really super duper dark and I can't see, it's called bedtime. Along with that my parents wrap me up in this stupid stretchy thing called a "swaddle," and I'm supposed to keep my arms down. Pfft, silly parents. They think that swaddle will keep my strong arms down. I just wait until after my mom puts me in my bed to get them out. They are hard to control at times. Sometimes I wake up because they flew up above my head so fast, and it scares me because I think I'm falling? So then one of my parents sneak in, without evening saying hello pfft, and they put my arms back down in the swaddle. I do have to say however, that it makes me real sleepy. It's so familiar... Not sure why though...
I've learned how to use my vocal box to talk to my parents. I can't understand them, and they sure can't understand me. It makes me laugh to watch them try so hard to impress me. Sometimes I try to see how loud I can be. Like this one time, my mom was sleeping next to me, and I thought to myself, "There has to be a way to wake her up so that she can pay attention to how good I'm getting with talking." So, I took a real deep breath and let out this really loud high pitched noise from my tongue doors. She woke up really fast and I laughed at her because she doesn't look very angel like when she wakes up from sleeping.
Oh! Also, right before it's the dark time, I take what's called a "bath." It's my favorite. I like that it keeps my whole entire body warm and slimy. Again, not super sure why I like it so much. I like to kick my legs as hard as I can. I've been trying to get the slimy stuff on my Dad since he's the one that puts me in it, but these darn legs are too small. But I'll keep trying. 
I'm always hungry I've discovered. My mom keeps telling me, "You just ate not even 20 minutes ago!" Whatever that means.. All I know is that she's the thing that feeds me, so she needs to feed me when I want to eat. Duhhh.
Ugh, let's all talk about how stupid this whole concept of "tummy time" is.... I just don't understand why my parents can't just hold me so I can see them. My head is so big and heavy and I've been able to get to the point where I can hold it up for a little while, but let's be honest, I've got a big head and a little tiny body. Doesn't hold up for very long. 
Anyways, I've learned a lot. I really like my mom and dad that Heavenly Father gave me. That's about it. Until next time. 

He even typed it himself. He's so ahead of his time.
I went back to work last week for the first time. I think I mentioned before it's only twice a week Thursday 8-5 and Friday 8-3. So it's not bad. The first day was super hard for me to leave my baby. I cried and cried and thought how horrible it would be for my 7 week old (at the time) to be away from his mom and that he will grow up not loving me anymore because I left him for a whopping 9 hours. My mom is the one who is watching him while I'm away, and let me tell you how big of a relief it is to ave his grandma watching him rather than having him in a daycare. Truthfully, there really isn't anyone else available to watch him otherwise so he really would go to a daycare. Anyway, once I got to work and was engrossed in my duties it was easy to stay distracted. B surprised me with a back to school present. It was a framed photo collage of the pictures we had taken of troy (previous post includes them) along with a cutesy note and two necessary king size candy bars. I cried and cried some more but this time feeling so much love from both my boys. My mom kept me updated through out the day with pictures and videos showing me how happy he was and didn't even notice I was gone. By the end of the day, I went home after a very productive work day with my friends, and my heart was melted from my baby giving me the biggest smile and squeal when he saw my face. He totes knows his mom you guys. 
The following work day was surprisingly easier to leave. I would even go as far as to say I looked forward to it. Not because I wanted to leave my baby obviously, but simply because it was my "me" time. I struggle using that term though since being Troy's mom is also "me." Going back to work kind of reminded me of who I was before I was a mom. Like, "hey remember when these people also depended on you to get this and this done? and remember when you were really good at it?" You know what I mean? 
So there's all that. B is going crazy with his chemistry class. He got a tutor that he sees before his class on Monday's and Wednesday's. It's been helping him, but still this class is kicking his butt. He planned how and when he would take his prereq classes, and planned to have Chem be the only class he takes before applying to PA schools. He's given himself a big pat on the back for that now that he's here in the situation! 
Work for him has also been pretty crazy. He went to LA last week to receive his award for being in the circle of excellence as well as to attend a couple seminars. YOU GUYS. HE MET PATRICK DEMPSY!!! LIKE WHAT?!? I only died a little bit. LIKE HE TOUCHED HIS SHOULDER AND EVERYTHING!!! WHAT?!? Ugh. So now I'm re watching all the grey's anatomy season's so I can day dream of touching his shoulder too one day... Ahh... So yeah he received his fancy pants award and was recognized in front of a big group of fancy pants people in his company. He's been very successful with Mattress Firm, so it's wonderful for him to be recognized for his accomplishments. 
It's bed time. Bye.
 Left photo: Troy's blessing day 1/5/15
Right photo: Troy not happy with me during our 5AM pep talk about how it's still bed time.. He did end up figuring it out though
Left photo: Troy's first time going for a walk outside when he was 4wks old
Right photo: Visiting his dad at work
It's my birthday, so he cuddled me happily for 2 solid hours.
 Left photo: Obviously his sweatshirt says, "Hunk" because duh he's such a hunk.
Right photo: So this is my new beco baby carrier. It's my favorite. I had done a bunch of research on the top best baby carriers and what not and found that for a decent price, the beco was the way to go. I've used it on many occasions since this picture which was day one and find no flaw. #becoyourbaby
 Left photo: First, notice his onsie?!? Second, I promise I don't actually sit my kid in front of a t.v. and have him watch it. It was just cute of him to sit up all grown up like.
Right photo: Sleeping in mom and dad's big fancy bed on a lazy Sunday morning.
 So both of them kind of go hand in hand. B had asked what I wanted for my birthday, so I asked if I could go get my hair done. Troy came with me to the salon and sat happily in his carseat watching me wondering what the crap is going on. On the right is the after math. Love it.
 Left photo: Troy was fussy one morning because all he wanted was to be propped on his knees against my stomach and take a nap. Is that too much to ask?!
Right photo: Grocery shopping with the beco. I'm telling you guys, you want this.
 Left photo: Also, Troy really really likes to face his cheek against mine. Like, so much so that he will be happy like this all day long if I would let him. I love it a lot.
Right photo: Need I say anything more about how adorable he is?
 Left photo: Watching the SuperBowl49. This was taken before it's traumatic turn of events. We are still bleeding HAWK blood. Forever and always.
Right photo: Taken the morning after the SuperBowl.
 Sometimes we get dressed and ready for the day. But that's about all Troy has to give me. So he will fall asleep upright on my chest. It's a thing.
 Left photo: My boys. B comes home from work with only a couple hours to spend with Troy before we put him to bed. They really like hanging out together.
Right photo: Our friends have a big poof pillow and whenever we go over he will lay happily in it. Even fall asleep.
 This day sucked. On the right is post 2mo check up with his vaccinations. His eyes are all red from crying, but he was cheering up from laughing with B. He was super brave the whole time and only cried a good one for a few minutes. The rest of the day he slept and slept. Which secretly I loved so I could catch up on some sleep of my own.
 Happy 2mo birthday to my sweet little tot :) he's sporting his superhero onsie on that day
 Did I mention I'm training for a 10k this upcoming May? And why? Yeah still trying to remember that... My friend and I are both trying to get back into running, and in this picture we took out our friends dog along with her's. It didn't go very well.

 My valentine and I. His Dad had to work, so he kept me feeling loved.
 We are still working on the whole "selfie" thing. He's not into it right now, but eventually I'll have him posing and ready to take pictures with me.