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Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Final Countdown

Working backwards with this update..
Brandon is working hard with the holiday season just around the corner. He has been able to find balance with the increase of responsibility he has been getting at work and study time with school. His company recently bought out Sleep Country, so they had a merger party a couple weeks ago. He made a point of telling me, "Babe, make sure you get dolled up because I need to show you off." Apparently I haven't been able to hide my lack of care in regard to getting ready for anything. Whoops! Anyways, everyone that he introduced me to had nothing but great things to say about my salesman. He's been very successful with Mattress Firm. It's such a blessing to have him come home happy with his job and with where he is at. School has been successful for him as well. I can't remember if I mentioned before which classes he is taking this semester, but he's taking Microbiology and Statistics. He has finals the week after my due date. He's trying to study and prepare as much as he can beforehand so that baby week can be blissful without care. After this he only has his chem's to take and we have a free ticket to apply to any PA program. Hip hooray!
I'm currently 36 weeks and feeling large and in charge. I went on a tour of the hospital last week, and if it didn't feel real before it certainly does now! As we were walking through the labor and delivery area, we happened to walk passed a closed door that behind them had a woman yelling, "YOU CAN DO IT! KEEP GOING! KEEP GOING!" Now, let me first preface this moment in time by telling you that I had yet to feel any kind of nervousness for anything. Not the delivery, parenting, nada. Then I hear those loud statement being told to this mother to be, and I turned to my friend and said, "NO." Freaked me out a little bit. She did comfort me and said it will be just fine. Hopefully that wonderful epidural drug is strong enough that no one will need to yell at me....
We have been getting baby's nursery all ready and prepared. His crib is set up, clothes washed and organized, and diapers set up in his changing table/dresser. We only have a few things left to get and then game time! We have had so many people give us such great advice and helped us become better prepared for this whole parenthood thing. Thanks you guys! Now it's bragging hour....

First, I need to brag about my sister friend Callie. She has amazing talent, and knows how to make you feel pretty even when you are 20lbs heavier with swollen ankles. She did an amazing job, and I'm grateful for her taking these maternity pictures. For the longest time I told myself I would not take these pictures, but after seeing these pictures I'm so so glad I did, and even more so glad that I had such a talented photographer take them. 

Second, I need to brag about my amazing mother. She worked so hard to throw me such an incredible baby shower. Her and her fabulous friends were able to put together a very memorable shower with nautical decor, unique and fun games, yummy and delicious food, and everyone was so thoughtful in bringing baby boy awesome gifts. Thank you everyone! And most of all, thank you mom for the shower from me and boy earl :)

Third, I need to brag about my handsome, thoughtful, and creative baby daddy. We were having a hard time thinking of Halloween costumes. I came home from work one evening to Brandon sitting at our kitchen table very intently working away at a red shirt. He turns around to me and says, "Surprise! I have our costumes," and he holds up the red shirt to show me my costume that he himself drew free handed. He keeps me on my toes!

Side note to Halloween, check out this sweet dinner we had! I'm quite proud :)

 Fourth, I need to brag about my husband again in celebratory manor regarding the two wonderful years we have spent together married. In those two years I could not have imagined being more in love than I was on the day we got married. Since then I have watched my sweet hubs evolve from a working paramedic, a student and student to be as a potential PA, a salesman, and now a father. He teaches me something new everyday, and challenges me everyday to become a better person. 
This year we went to Seattle and watched our beloved Seahawks attempt to beat the Dallas Cowboys. Though we left the game broken hearted and quite depressed, we still had a fabulous time in Seattle. We did Pike Place Market, Space needle, and Science Center. Super duper fun you guys.

Last but certainly not least, I must brag about my sweet in-laws. They have made me feel so spoiled, and have been helping me prepare for this new journey to be a parent. Kelsey and Becky came in town while the boys did a boys weekend to play. We made curtains for the nursery, shopping for baby necessities, and wonderful girl time chat. It's always the best having them in town! Picture below are just two pregnant girls thinking they are so cool taking bump pictures. Can you guess who is further along?