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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Not a witty post title

Unfortunately this post won't include any pictures. Not because I don't have any to include, but because my phone is at the opposite end of my house and I'm just too lazy to go get it and download them to my computer. Never fret, I will at some point though.

So we have already announced it to the cyber world, but I have yet to announce on my blog officially.
We are having a BOY!
A bouncing baby boy as I am delightfully saying. 
We could not be more thrilled. I won't deny however that I truly believed I was having a girl. Mostly based off of the online prediction tests I took. Yes, I'm one of those people. Plus I had always thought my first would be a girl. Most likely because I really REALLY wanted to name her Leia. Yes, from Star Wars. I am not ashamed.
During that reveal ultrasound my child flashed us a good one to prove me wrong, all I saw was my husbands tears of pure joy. He yelled in disbelief as he had prayed REAL hard to have a boy first to pass on the Earl name. It was very tender and sweet. 
So since then I've scanned the internet for sweet deals on nursery and boy clothes. Can I just say that it seems that boys are MUCH easier to shop for than girls? I'm super duper pumped to see my son in little hoodies, suspenders, and bowties! I love it! 
As far as names, we have nothing set in stone. We have a few on the list, but nothing that we both agree on 100%. Our plan, if we have yet decided, is to go in on the day of his delivery with 3 names and decide which suits him best when we meet him. That's the plan. 

Moving on...
We recently went to Brandon's family reunion on his Dad's side. 
The EARL reunion.
It was at Bear Lake, (Idaho side). We stayed in a huge cabin. Some stayed in rooms in the cabin and others either tented or had RV's outside. We ended up tenting with his sister Kelsey and her little fam. It was a two bedroom tent, so we had our privacy. I still think we should have all just cuddled. No?
Anyhow, it was a blast. Plenty of beach time, volleyball, games, yummy food, family history lesson, and quality one-on-one time with the peeps. 
Before the reunion we were asked to submit our love stories. B and I sent in our separately, and chose not to read ours until we received the books with everyone's love stories and read it then. 
Funny thing is, as we each read ours, we realized that some of the details were totally wrong in our stories?
For example, B and I met at a singles ward activity. It was a movie night accompanied with treats. He wrote that it was accompanied with pie. I wrote popcorn.
Example dos, Brandon included in his story that I was dating someone at the time. I did not include that in my story.
Let me preface that part of my story by saying first that I choose not to include that in my story because I slightly embarrassed, and it was never actually "official." Plus I did end up "breaking up" with him the next evening specifically to date Brandon, so I basically sound like a terrible person. 
Example tres, Brandon stated in his story that he sat at the table in front of me with those other two girls and was like chatting it up with another chick? 
Okay, so that can totally be true but I don't remember that. I remember those girls coming up and talking with the guy next to me and B sitting in front of our table, but like turned towards our table if that makes sense. 
Anyways, truth of the matter is that we are totally on the same page, (pfft). At the end of the day we fell in love, got married, and happily ever after. 

I'll include some pics later. 

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