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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Oh what? I have a blog? That's weird.... Hi blog!

So I changed the title of my blog thinking that it applied more to my little group as my husband consistently refers to himself as "duke of earl." So obviously I'm the duchess, right? Of course right.

Last time I posted was wayyyy to long ago. So here is a summed up version of all that has happened since:

-We traveled to Hawaii in September for Brandon's circle of excellence prize. We were on Oahu. Played hard. Favorite part of the experience was going to the Polynesian Cultural Center. Truly amazing.
-We went to Cabo San Lucas a month later in October with Brandon's cousin Preston and his wife Meghan as a celebratory event for anniversaries/themed "live like you were dying." Favorite part of that trip is tied between snorkeling in bright clue waters, and watching baby turtles make their way back to the ocean after dinner. Also, getting Preston and Meghan to ourselves. Hehe
-Brandon quit Mattress Firm. Long story short he wasn't happy there anymore for lots of different reasons. He now works for Voltzwagon Audi in Boise as a salesman. He just started this last Monday. We will see where that takes us.
-We moved into a rental home. LOVING IT! Especially with a crazy kid who doesn't like to be "shh'd." Who does, right?
-Troy turned one. Still in denial. Although he rocks the whole toddler attitude real well.
-We traveled to San Diego for our good friends wedding last week. Beautiful experience to watch them sealed for time and eternity in the temple. Also, San Diego temple should be on everyone's bucket list to see. Definitely the disneyland of temples. While we were there we were able to visit my great grandma in the hospital who is in heart failure. It was so tender to see her, and happen to be there while she was visiting. Please pray for her.
-I'm a stay at home mom as of this last September. It's been such a blessing to not have to worry about anyone else caring for my little buddy other than myself. To be able to keep up house, to catch up on my reading, teach Troy new words, tricks, faces. It's great.

2015 was amazing. Bring it 2016.

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