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Sunday, February 16, 2014


In spirit of valentines day, let's take a look at mine:

He's my person. He's the only person that can make me laugh or smile when I'm grouchy, he always sees the best in people until he's proven wrong, he's hard working and pushes himself to provide for us, he's intelligent and educated, he's had life experiences which have made him wise and thus my counselor, he's forgiving, he's loyal to the end, he's encouraging, he honors his priesthood and seeks for opportunities to use it, he's active and enjoys being outside, he's loving and caring, he's always the first to say "I'm sorry," he's wise with our finances, he's a missionary and never let's an opportunity go by where he can share the gospel, he's humble in areas I wish I could be, he's a listener, and the greatest example to me that I have ever or will ever have. 

As many of you SHOULD know, we are just a couple of cheese balls. We are all about mushy gushy romance, getting lost in each others eyes, and being in awe over our relationship. 

Side note, do you notice a theme with the pictures thus far? Winter is really hard... Anyways. We have so much fun together. Battling wits over the others humor and give a high five when we make the best "that's what she said" joke. Sorry parents.... Here are some other parts of our relationship that are my favorite...

Football is the only sport we are passionate about. Okay, only certain teams. Okay, I only have certain teams I care about. Okay, only certain games I care about. Then we both get passionate. For example, our friendly rivalry of BYU vs. UofU. Or any team against BYU do I cheer for. The only time we have ever been on the same teams is if it's BSU for college or Seahawks for the NFL. 

We play really well together. We enjoy being outside embarrassing Heavenly Father's creations and toys via technology. RIP motorcycle.... May your new owner embrace you as my husband has ;) Truly though, my valentine loves creating new memories with me and trying new things. It keeps that spark alive. Shooting, camping, biking, water sports, winter sports, etc. 

We have the travel bug. We can't stay in one place for too long. Road trips or coastal ventures we will happily attend. We have been many places, and plan to go elsewhere. Oh the places you will go....

We are cooks. Specialties in Mexican and Asian. We try new recipes and either give the other a thumbs down and rate it on the negative scale of "Never make this again" or "Don't feed this to me until you fix it." OR we give the thumbs up and rate on a positive scale of "Feed this to me everyday all day" with a two snap in Z formation, or "That was bomb. Make it again next week!"

We invest in good music. Playing off of the others ears. 

My favorite part of it all, is the reciprocation, honest, and pure love that is ours. My favorite is even during the times when we have bickered, at night we come together and say "I love you." Never have we gone to bed without saying those words as a reminder. He's truly my best of best friends and partner in this life and in the eternities. Happy Valentine's Day :)
BUT WAIT! Don't you want to know how we celebrated?!?! 
So last year we went to this place called "The Springs." It's a spa and natural hot springs in a huge pool outside under the stars in Idaho City. They serve you drinks as you kiss a lot. It's so relaxing and absolutely beautiful. We went with Brock and Brooke. Afterwards we ate at iHop because, hello, iHop. Why not? 
Love each other. There's no reason not to. 

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