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Sunday, February 9, 2014


I've been desperate for warmer weather, sunshine, and smoothies. Made with mango, orange juice, strawberries, and blueberries. I'm desperate for skiing to make use of this chilly snowy negative weather. I'm desperate for a vacation, even a mini road trip to the Oregon coast or something. Who's with me?
So like, how's it goin? What's new and exciting with y'all? Don't worry. I'll just insta, facebook, blog stalk you and I'll find out. Boy, that doesn't sound creepy, eh? WHOOPS.
For an update on our lives, I had a birthday. Though it was during the week, my husband did not disappoint. He planned a chocolate fondue party. Friends were all in attendance. Birthday cake oreos, apples, bananas (still to this day I sing that gwen stefani song to help me spell bananas), and other goodies. So yummy. We played games. Then the real celebration happened on saturday where my family pitched in for me to get a spa day, complete with a pedicure, manicure, and hair done. Then we went out dancing. Are we human, or are we dancers?
Here are some fun pictures, and it may jump start my memory of what it is I need to be blogging about:
This is Brooke. She's cute, and I love her. We also match sometimes, without planning.

So ever since B got his xbox, this is what my life has been about. I've been sucked into the gaming world and have found a new addiction to "Lord of the Rings: War in the North." Yes it's super fun. Yes I enjoy killing orcs. Noobs. 

We built a fort at Bryce and Callie's house where we spend the majority of our time. You guys. These pictures don't do it justice. It was amazing. 

Oh hey there's that pretty faced Brooke again. It was her birthday so we met up with her and Brock at Jakers. Though, it was late and we already ate so we had french fries. Literally, that's it. Happy 26th pretty lady!

GAME TIME.  Again at Callie and Bryce's house. Look how creative she is! She did such a good job decorating. We were the only Seahawk fans in attendance though... awkward...

Here's some pictures of which you can fond over how adorable we are. I mean, what?

Again, Callie did this. SUCH A GOOD IDEA! 

So, because we were the only hawk fans, it got kind of obnoxious of us *cough* BRANDON *cough* cheering and gloating over the beat down of the weak and defenseless broncos. Thus, we drove to Big Al's where we usually watch our football games and ran into many hawk fans and depressed broncos. HALLELUJAH! 

Big Al T.V.'s

We were victorious. We were aggressive. We came, we beat, we won. Boo yah.

Now I'm rambling, but really though. Here's my rant on this... She was Dani #2. We cheered her on throughout the season encouraging her to win challenges and prove to herself her self worth. Her story was sad by being a world class swimmer, and giving up her future in swimming for a boy, (at one point we have given up something for a boy/girl). When they broke up she ate her feelings, (at one point so have you, like me right now). She got her life back and shed the weight courtesy to all 3 of the trainers, I don't care what you say Jill and Bob. You helped her. but 105lbs 60% body weight? Too far chick. I'm interested to see what happens in the next couple months. If she truly lost that much because she wanted to, or if it was for the competition. 

This is funny. Start laughing.

This is how I feel sometimes. Especially when I have to wake up early on weekends. 

She's growing up too fast. I can't stand it. She's such a little human. Kel, bring her to me right now. I'm serious. Just kidding, I'll come to you. Slumber party?

Hehehehehe. In church today. The kiddos of our groupies. 
ISN'T SHE SO CUTE WITH HER LITTLE BASKETBALL BELLY?!?!?!?!?!?! K so yeah whatever earls, you've seen it 3 times before, but I'm going to brag about her anyway since this is my first Brit-pregnancy. She's so hip and fabulous. Love you. 

So there's my pictures. You're welcome.
Side note, I'm currently watching the mask of Zorro via hulu as I'm typing this. Antonio Banderez is beautiful, and funny. 
Back to real life... I changed jobs. WHAT?! Yeah yeah I know it's crazy. I put in my two weeks at the beginning of January, and started my new job at Castlebury Dental on Jan. 27th. I'm truly happy. Dr. Brown, my boss, is so sweet. He's very laid back and experienced, and cares about his staff. The girls I work with are all in their 20's early-late, and have a lot in common. It's so nice. They train us to be in "our bubble," meaning to not stress over the things we cannot change, etc. I've been with them only 2 weeks and I already love it. 
B is back in school. He started mid January. He's taking recertification classes for his paramedic license, and biology. He will take chem next semester. Classes for him are Monday and Wednesday, then he works all the other days of the week. It gets busy for him, and repetitive. Which is why we are desperate for vacation. He's such a hard worker and provider for our family, and I'm truly blessed because of it. 
I so wish I took pictures of it, but my mom and I had dinner with the sister missionaries yesterday at her house. They were craving seafood, so of course she obliged being a coastal native. Crab, smoked salmon and cream cheese crackers, clam chowder, and roasted green beans. Accompanied with black berries for desert. It was marvelous and so yummy. The girls couldn't quite figure out how to get the meat out of the shell, so we had to teach them how to crack the crab shells. 
blah blah blah. Happiness, rainbows, and unicorns guys. Unicorns dancing on rainbows filled with happiness. Ta-da! 


  1. It makes me super happy that you also like playing xbox.

  2. Oh Tay Tay you're my favorite. I giggled while I read this whole post and thought to myself "Self how did you get so lucky to have such a funny and cool sister in law?" Truly I just don't know. Love you.