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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Switching over

For a long while we have been using word press as our blogging source. It's been quite a stressful website to use because for some reason it won't let me add pictures and blah blah blah. Plus it doesn't have the luxury to be a part of this elite blog spot group. May we join?
Too bad we are anyways.
It's super cool love it. Hi, we're new to the block.
Anyways, it's great to be here.
We're still waiting to hear back from University of North Dakota to see if B got an interview for the PA program. They started reviewing applicants starting literally today. Keep us in your prayers.
As of September 1st my family has been sealed for a year, and next month will be our 1 year anniversary. Cool huh?
The weather in finally starting to cool off. Can't wait for the fall festivities! It's my favorite time of year.
I refuse to post anything about the BSU vs UW game. Such a sad time for Boise. However, we did get to play with the Froggley clan which is definitely something to brag about.
So this labor day weekend would have been way more fun if we weren't dying from illness. Here's one fun story that will make you cringe.
My dad, brother, and B all decided to go out to this fun area out in star that has a rope swing off the side of the road where you can jump into the river. So they all go, have fun, make memories, k great. That night B starts complaining that his back hurts. He got a horrible sunburn, and for those of you who don't know B is allergic to the UVB rays. Luckily he didn't have a reaction that night. Sunday came and went. Labor day arrived and we had planned to run some errands and accomplish things we've neglected. Neither of us were feeling well because we were sick, so B went to go take a shower. When he came out he asked me to put aloe Vera on his back to help with the stinging. I did so, then the next thing I know I hear him yelling my name from the kitchen telling me to get out of the shower. He came and rushed into the shower. He kept yelling out of pain saying the urge to itch his back was so painful. He took a bunch of benedryll orally, and our friend John came over and gave him an injection. It took the edge off but the rest of the day he had to sleep because every time he woke up he couldn't stand the pain from the itch. Crazy day I tell ya.
So far today we both stayed home from work to get over this stupid cold that seems to be hitting everyone like a plague. Probably going to watch how I met your mother all day. Possibly not move ever.
This is going to be fun :)